Make your own paper weight

I promised you guys a DIY on how to make your own paper weight.

Here it comes...

1) Take a piece of watercolor paper and make your desired design, wet in wet.

2) place your clear glass paper weight on top and choose the area of your watercolor design you think is the prettiest. Draw around it. Cut it out rufly, not at the pencile line. ( I have used paper weights from @sostrenegrene and taken the motive of the back to make it clear. You can also buy it online on eBay - see under glass "Clear Half Ball Paperweight Magnifying Glass")

3) cut a piece of filt and attach it with spray glue at the backside of your watercolor paper circle.

4) Let the glue dry and cut the circle out. Check that it fits perfect with the paper weight.

5) use spray mount / spray glue to get your watercolor motive to stick to your paper weight. Note: the spray glue should be evenly spread to be as invisible as possible, but the glue will be a bit visible no mater what you do. Therefor the best motives are abstract motives. The glue will look a bit like silver shimmer so it pretty to.

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